As the primary care provider or physician specialist, you may desire additional support and scientific information about Neuropsychiatric Disorders testing. Please let us know how we can help you. Neuropsychiatric Disorders are neurologic and autoimmune conditions which have been clinically identified and studied for a number of years. Basic and clinical research are being conducted globally to better treat, diagnose and understand these diseases. As additional peer-reviewed studies are published, we will add them to our Digital Library.

Our sincere goal is to aid you by providing independent testing results as you seek to diagnose and treat your patients with these conditions. A general overview of Neuropsychiatric Disorders along with information about published treatment studies are discussed in the Neuropsychiatric Disorders overview section of this website. References are cited to allow you the opportunity to read more about these diseases at your discretion. Many articles are referenced and abstracts provided in the Digital Library section of this website.

Moleculera Labs Prescriber Portal

Prescriber Portal

The secure Prescriber Portal for prescribers allows you place an order and to retrieve and review the test results of your patients.
Diagnosis and Treatment PANS and PANDAS

Diagnosis and Treatment

PANS and PANDAS are clinical diagnosis and based on whether presenting symptoms meet the diagnostic criteria, as set forth by National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Recognizing PANS/PANDAS can be challenging even for the most skilled clinicians.
PANDAS Diagnostic Criteria

PANDAS Diagnostic Criteria

PANDAS is a clinical diagnosis based on 5 distinct criteria as developed by the NIMH and listed below. Currently there are no definitive diagnostic laboratory tests for PANDAS, but the Cunningham Panel™ is the first and only test that was developed specifically as an aid to doctors in making their diagnosis.
PANS Diagnostic Criteria

PANS Diagnostic Criteria

PANS is diagnosed based on clinical presentations. Since symptoms overlap with other medical conditions, PANS can be difficult to identify. However, an early diagnosis and prompt treatment can prevent the significant toll that the symptoms and behavioral changes have on children and their families.
Physician Educational Series

Physician Educational Series

Moleculera Labs provides medical professionals with an online educational series featuring the latest news, peer-reviewed journal articles, and video presentations on molecular mimicry and post-infectious autoimmune encephalopathies, including PANS and PANDAS.
Physician Education Opportunities

Physician Education Opportunities

Numerous studies have shown that immune system dysfunction can contribute to the development of CNS disorders, including autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndromes PANS and PANDAS. This section provides links to online educational courses in the field of neuroimmunology.
Order Brochures For Your Office

Order Brochures For Your Office

As a healthcare provider, you may order brochures in bulk for your office and to handout to your patients.
Ordering Lab Tests for PANS and PANDAS

Ordering Lab Tests

The Cunningham Panel™ of tests requires a physician order before we can receive and process any specimen. We have a secure Prescriber Portal for prescribers to place an order and to retrieve and review the test results of your patients.
International Ordering Cunningham Panel

International Orders

Prescribers practicing outside the United States and Canada, please visit our International Ordering page for more information.
Physician FAQs about PANS and PANDAS

Physician FAQs

The purpose of the Cunningham Panel™ is to provide laboratory results to physicians as an aid in their diagnosis of PANS and PANDAS. Learn more through our Physicians Frequently Asked Questions.
Educational videos about PANS and PANDAS

Educational Video Library

Educational videos about PANS and PANDAS from leaders in the field.
Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology - latest research on PANS and PANDAS

JCAP Journal Articles

The Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology published a special edition, in February 2015, featuring the latest research on PANS and PANDAS.
Physician Digital Library PANS and PANDAS

Digital Library

The Moleculera Labs digital library is a comprehensive resource used by health professionals to find the most recent peer-reviewed studies on PANS and PANDAS.


Moleculera Labs has designed brochures for both parents and physicians to assist in making a Neuropsychiatric Disorder Diagnosis or a PANS/PANDAS diagnosis as well as a brochure answering frequently asked questions about insurance coverage for The Cunningham Panel™. As a healthcare provider, you may order brochures in bulk for your office and to handout to your patients. Click below to order or to download these brochures.


Due to a shortage of a very rare reagent, we are experiencing a temporary delay in producing Cunningham Panel™ results. We anticipate this delay could cause our turnaround time to be 5-6 weeks for a full report.

We understand how important these results are for patients; therefore, we will release partial results as they become available. Then, once the full report is available, we will issue a second report with the additional results. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.