Ordering The
Cunningham Panel™
We deliver next-generation antibody tests that detect whether an infection or autoimmune reaction could be causing neurologic or psychiatric symptoms.

Patients: Ordering The Cunningham Panel™

Our goal is to provide independent laboratory testing results to aid clinicians as they make decisions on diagnosis and treatment for their patients.

The sooner the underlying cause is identified, the sooner proper treatment can begin. The Cunningham Panel™ is an aid for your clinician in making a proper clinical diagnosis and determining treatment.

Cunningham Panel™ Process

Patients: Ordering The Cunningham Panel Process


  1. Have your clinician prescribe the panel by placing an order on our secure prescriber portal, ordering on a script pad, or completing a paper requisition.
  2. Be sure to provide your clinician with a valid email address so we may contact you.
  3. Once your clinician places an order, you should receive an automated email from us with instructions.
  4. Enter your insurance and payment information in our secured online payment portal.
  5. Once you make your payment, we will ship specimen collection supplies to you, unless your clinician has already provided them to you.

Testing Costs

U.S. PATIENTS (with specimens collected within the contiguous U.S.):

The cost of the Cunningham Panel™ of Tests is $995. Patients are responsible for the full cost of the panel. Moleculera does not participate in any insurance or government sponsored plans.

  • Patients who are covered by commercial insurance (through an employer group or individually purchased plan) will need to pay an upfront deposit of $495.
  • Patients who are covered by government sponsored plans such as Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, Medicare Advantage Plans, etc. will need to pay the full $995 upfront.
  • Payment arrangements are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office at (405) 239-5250 if you need to make special payment arrangements.

For information on insurance, billing, and payments click below.

ALASKA, HAWAII, AND INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS (with specimens collected outside the contiguous U.S.):

Patients located in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada: The cost of the Cunningham Panel™ of Tests is $1070 USD in those regions in which overnight delivery to our facility is available. Regions requiring more than a one-day transit time may require special packaging and shipping arrangements and may incur additional fees. Orders must be prepaid prior to shipment of specimen collection supplies. Please contact our office at 1-405-239-5250, option 1, to make your payment and shipping arrangements.


Patients located in the UK/European region should contact our UK/European partner, the Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM) at cunninghampanel@aonm.org or telephone 0044 3331 210 305 to determine costs and shipping arrangements.


Patients located in Australia and New Zealand should contact our partner, NutriPATH, at info@nutripath.com.au or +61 3 9880 2900.


Patients located in Other International Regions: The cost of the Cunningham Panel™ of Tests is $1070 USD plus the cost of shipping, customs fees, taxes, or VAT fees. Please contact Moleculera Labs Customer Service at customerservice@moleculera.com or +1 (405) 239-5250, option 1, to discuss shipping costs. All orders from non-partner regions must be prepaid prior to shipment of specimen collection supplies.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

Cunningham Panel™ Test collection supplies will be shipped within two (2) business days of payment. We determine the shipping carrier for your order. Please note that we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. Deliveries occur Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Once payment is received, we will ship specimen collection supplies to the address provided. Once shipped, you should receive the supplies in 2 business days (for locations within the contiguous U.S.). If you have not received your supplies after 4 business days, please contact us to let us know.

Overnight shipping or weekend delivery may be arranged at an additional cost to you.

Infections may result in developing OCD
Can you develop neuropsychiatric symptoms from an infection?

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Cunningham Panel helps identify an autoimmune disorder in child initially diagnosed with schizophrenia

Cunningham Panel™ helps identify an autoimmune disorder in child initially diagnosed with schizophrenia

Researchers describe a complex case involving a 15-year-old girl, who abruptly developed multiple neurologic and psychiatric symptoms.

Autoimmune diseases and severe infections as risk factors for mood disorders: a nationwide study

Autoimmune diseases and severe infections as risk factors for mood disorders: a nationwide study

This nationwide, population-based, prospective cohort study examines the link between mood disorders, infections, and autoimmune disease.

Cunningham Panel predicts IVIG treatment response in autistic patients with autoimmune encephalopathy

Cunningham Panel™ predicts IVIG treatment response in autistic patients with autoimmune encephalopathy

Case series examines the link between autism spectrum disorders, immune dysfunction, and treatment response to IVIG. 

B. Robert Mozayeni, MD

Medical and Clinical Advisor

B. Robert Mozayeni MD

Dr. B. Robert Mozayeni was trained in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology at Yale and at NIH. He has had pre- and post-doctoral Fellowships in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale, and also at NIH where he was a Howard Hughes Research Scholar at LMB/DCBD/NCI and later, Senior Staff Fellow at LMMB/NHLBI/NIH. Editorial board of Infectious Diseases – Surveillance, Prevention and Treatment. Past President of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).

He is an expert in Translational Medicine, the science and art of advancing medical science safely and efficiently. He is a Fellow of the non-profit Think Lead Innovate Foundation and is a co-founder of the Foundation for the Study of Inflammatory Diseases. He is a Founder of the Foundation for the Study of Inflammatory Diseases to crowd-source medical solutions for complex conditions using existing knowledge, diagnostic methods, and therapies to meet patient needs immediately. He is the Chief Medical Officer of Galaxy Diagnostics, LLC. He is a Board member of the Human-Kind Alliance. Dr. Mozayeni has held admitting privileges (since 1994) on the clinical staff of Suburban Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine and an affiliate of the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.

Safedin Sajo Beqaj, PhD, HCLD, CC (ABB)

Moleculera Labs, Clinical Laboratory Advisor
Medical Database, Inc., President and CEO

Sajo Baqaj, PhD

Dr. Sajo Beqaj is board certified in molecular pathology and genetics and licensed as a Bioanalyst and High Complexity Laboratory Director. He has been practicing as a laboratory director since 2005.

Dr. Beqaj served as a technical director and was part of the initial management team for several well-known laboratories in the clinical lab industry including PathGroup, Nashville, TN; DCL Medical Laboratories, Indianapolis, IN, and Pathology, Inc, Torrance, CA. He is currently serving as off-side CLIA laboratory director for BioCorp Clinical Laboratory, Whittier, CA and Health360 Labs, Garden Grove, CA.

Dr. Beqaj received his Ph.D. in Pathology from Wayne State University Medical School, Detroit, Michigan. He performed his post-doctoral fellowship at Abbott Laboratories from 2001-2003 and with Children’s Hospital and Northwestern University from 2003-2005.

Dr. Beqaj has taught in several academic institutions and has published numerous medical textbook chapters and journal articles. He has served as a principal investigator in clinical trials for several well-known pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies such as Roche HPV Athena, Merck HPV vaccine, BD vaginitis panel, Roche (Vantana) CINtec® Histology clinical trials, and has presented various scientific clinical abstracts and presentations.

He is a member of several medical and scientific associations including the Association of Molecular Pathology, American Association of Clinical Chemistry and the Pan Am Society for Clinical Virology. He has served on a number of clinical laboratory regulatory and scientific committees, and has assisted several laboratories and physicians as a Clinical Laboratory Consultant.