Moleculera Labs is committed to providing research-backed, clinical testing services that support physicians in recognizing, and more accurately diagnosing Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Through our ongoing research and development we anticipate discovering additional testing markers that will help doctors more readily diagnose the many individuals suffering from treatable autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders.

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My son was diagnosed after many weeks of not knowing what was wrong. He is 16! He has had the Cunningham Panel run. I appreciate your work. Without your research my son would not have recovered.
I want to thank your company for making this test available. We thought we had "lost" our Sarah. The report really shows what is wrong with her. Now the doctors will know how to further treat her, we will forever be indebted to your lab for this amazing work you are doing for all the PANDAS/ PANS children.
Christina Lau-Raman, Sarah's mother
i am so thankful to have the Cunningham Panel to confirm the PANDAS diagnosis for my daughter, who is now 18 and who exhibited PANDAS symptoms as early as age 7, without a diagnosis until one year ago. We are still working on the right treatment and getting her to accept the diagnosis so she will take her medication. Our daughter has almost all the classic symptoms, but your nurse hit the nail on the head when she pointed out one of the markers where my daughter scored very high, and that can manifest as anger - that is the first thing we notice when she begins to flare, and no one else has ever made this connection. We are so appreciative to have quantifiable results because we previously second-guessed ourselves so many times, and now we know it's not just our imagination, bad parenting or some kind of hidden psychiatric illness. Thank you so much for giving us hope!
Martha Shoultz Arroyo
My 17 year old daughter had been suffering for several years with all kinds of neurological and psychiatric issues. By the time we got to a PANS specialist who finally ordered the test her findings were extreme and it was the confirmation and proof we needed that my daughter was suffering from a treatable autoimmune disorder. It was worth every penny and I’m so thankful that this test was available to us! After two IVIG treatments and appropriate treatment under a PANDAS/PANS specialist she is almost 80 percent recovered.
Shelley Kluz
The Cunningham Panel saved the lives of our two children who had life-threatening autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Our son's test came back at 4/5, and our daughter's 5/5. From there, we were able to get treatments: plasmapheresis and IVIG for both kids; Rituximab additionally for our daughter. My husband and I had the privilege of running into Dr. Cunningham on an elevator at a conference, and we expressed to her how grateful we are for her extremely hard work in caring for these kids. We told her she helped save our kids' lives. She was so humble and kind - she was just so happy to hear how well they were doing. Thank you to Dr. Cunningham and Moleculera Labs. You are truly the best.
Micaela Widman
We would not be here today receiving treatment instead of cross admonitions to use a stronger hand to control the child, we would not be here today getting infusion treatment except for the work of Moleculera. Please tell your investors. Your staff and your trusting investors are affecting the lives of real people.
William Nash
We ordered the Cunningham Panel as a complementary diagnostic tool to be used in conjunction with other tests to aid in and confirm our physician's clinical diagnosis of PANDAS for our daughter. The results of the Cunningham Panel took 3 months to receive and our daughter had already received her first IVIG. Our insurance plan would not cover the cost of the IVIG. To our delight and surprise our daughter's physician called us to inform us that not only had our insurance company authorized coverage of the initial IVIG but pre-authorized a second IVIG based on the Cunningham Panel results.
Carmel, St. Louis
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you at Moleculera Labs for helping me and my son with his Cunningham Panel. Your customer service is by far the best in the nation and you all put parents like me at so much ease and comfort. Thank you for understanding that our kids have special needs and still how important they are to us. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our children by just doing what you love to do. Thank you for giving parents like me a direction to move forward. I am so grateful to Moleculera's nurse for taking the time to go over the results with me and explaining it so well. You all are a blessing to parents like us from the point you pick up the phone until the parent has reached the comfort level of the results. God Bless Each and Every one of you.
Ananda, North Carolina
My name is Wendy Elliott, I am Adam Elliott's mother. A little history, my husband and I have been searching for answers to some of Adam's behavioral issues since he was 4 years old.While Adam has always been a very sweet boy he would exhibit ADHD/Autism like behavior at times. We went to various professionals, with Adam finally receive an ADHD diagnosis in the Spring 2014. Although Adam began treatment (Adderall XR) for ADHD we still saw persistent irrational fears, asking the same question multiple times, TICs, the list of abnormal behaviors is a long one. Once we moved to Oklahoma we saw the symptoms increasing, especially when he became ill. We were very fortunate to have found Dr. Daily, she quickly recognized that Adam could possibly have a PANS diagnosis. She began a treatment of antibiotics in late may, with ibuprofen and escitalopram. Yesterday we received the results of Adam's Cunningham panel with Dr. Daily noting that Adam qualifies for the diagnosis of PANS. I would add that as of today Adam is responding very well to the treatment. I cannot thank you enough for your work in this field. Your work as well as Dr. Daily's diagnostic abilities have changed our lives.
Wendy Elliott, Adam Elliott's mother