International Ordering

Who can order the Cunningham Panel™?

The Cunningham Panel™ of Tests requires an order from a healthcare practitioner licensed or authorized to order laboratory tests.

International Healthcare Practitioner:

Healthcare practitioners licensed or authorized to order laboratory tests in their country may order the Cunningham Panel™. If you are unsure of regulations in your country, please contact your governing or licensing board for assistance.

If you are a patient and are interested in having the Cunningham Panel™ done, please contact your healthcare practitioner.


Canadian practitioners can order the Cunningham Panel™ for their patients by contacting Moleculera Labs directly at 1-405-239-5250 or through our Contact Us page.


Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM)

Phone: 0044 3331 210 305

Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan:


Phone: 1300 688 522 (within Australia)
+61 3 9880 2900 (international)

For practitioners located outside the areas listed above, please contact Moleculera Labs directly at +1-405-239-5250 or through our Contact Us page.