Many of you have expressed interest in having your children tested with the Cunningham Panel™ of tests. Our goal is to provide independent laboratory testing results to aid your physician as they make decisions on diagnosis and treatment for your child. Below is an animated video which describes how the Cunningham Panel™ test can assist physicians in diagnosing two perplexing Neuropsychiatric Disorders – PANS and PANDAS.

Ordering The Cunningham Panel™

report-template-version-5-0_2016-08-26_page_1In order to perform testing on your child, we must have your physician prescribe and order the test panel before we can receive your specimen. If your physician has not previously prescribed tests from Moleculera Labs, they will first need to “sign up” through the Prescriber Portal Login located on the Home Page of our website. If they need assistance in doing this, please have them call our office at (405) 239-5250. It is important that you provide your physician with your preferred e-mail contact as this is the primary method for us to communicate and send you the additional information we need to process your specimen.

The Cunningham Panel™ consists of 5 high complexity tests which require approximately 3-4 weeks to process. Please allow that amount of time to have your specimen received and tested, and results returned to your physician. We know these laboratory results are very important for you and your child, and we are diligently working to reduce the testing time through new technology platforms.

The Cunningham Panel™ Testing Costs

Our intent is to make this test panel as cost effective as possible. Before we can receive your specimen, we will need to collect a $425 deposit. After the testing is ordered for your child, an e-mail link will be sent to you for submitting the deposit via credit card. Once your deposit is paid, we will ship out a Specimen Collection Kit to your designated address. The Specimen Collection Kit typically is sent via FedEx 2-day Air, and may require about 2-3 business days to arrive, depending on your location.

Insurance Billing

We will also bill your insurance on your behalf if you provide to us your insurance information, and a link will be sent to you via e-mail after your physician orders your test. The full cost of the 5 test panel and physician results is $925. If your insurance provider pays the full $925, we will refund your entire deposit of $425. If your insurance pays more than $500 of the testing costs, we will reimburse any amount over $500, up to your full $425 deposit. If your insurance does not pay, or pays less than the difference between your deposit and the cost, we will send you a billing statement for the difference. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to file government issued insurance such as Medicaid, Tricare, etc.

We understand that some parents may be in dire financial need, and to that end, we will work on a case-by-case basis to provide testing for your children. We are a very small organization but are committed to do everything we can to ensure that all those truly in need can receive testing.

Moleculera Labs is the sole testing laboratory for the Cunningham Panel™. At this time, we are not contracted with any insurance companies; as a result, we are considered an “out-of-network”provider. In order to assist in obtaining insurance coverage, we recommend that you contact your insurance carrier prior to testing to request precertification or an out-of-network waiver.

Should you need assistance, please refer to our Insurance Reimbursement FAQs, the Sole Provider document and our Insurance Coverage Checklist which may be helpful in supporting your request for coverage.   Download Insurance Coverage Checklist