We encourage you to visit the PANDAS Physicians Network (PPN), an organization dedicated to helping medical professionals better understand PANS and PANDAS through real-time information and networking. PPN, a division of the Foundation for Brain Science and Immunology, provides the latest diagnostic guidelines for PANS and PANDAS, along with a research library, clinical trial listings and an online registry for parents and physicians.

PPN’s committee members include clinicians and researchers from the top medical and academic institutions in the country. In addition to Dr. Susan Swedo of the NIMH, the committee has more than 30 specialists with expertise in the sub-specialties of medicine that are relevant to PANS and PANDAS, including neurology, psychiatry, immunology, microbiology, pediatrics, rheumatology and Lyme disease.  These committee members, their specialty areas and their institutional affiliations are listed on the PPN website.

Visit the PANDAS Physicians Network to become a member. PPN will also link you to current research trials and studies including those of Dr. Madeleine Cunningham at the University of Oklahoma.