Moleculera Labs provides specialized clinical testing services to patients worldwide. The Cunningham Panel of Tests™ requires a physician’s order before we can receive and process any specimen. Orders from United States prescribers can be placed through our secure portal. Canadian prescribers can place test orders by contacting the company directly. International prescribers can order testing through our partner Wieslab, based in Sweden.

United States Cunningham Panel™ Orders

United States Orders

The secure Prescriber Portal for prescribers allows you to place an order and retrieve and review test results for your patients. The Prescriber Portal is available to prescribers residing in the United States with the exception of New York.
Canadian Cunningham Panel™ Orders

Canadian Orders

Canadian prescribers can order the Cunningham Panel for their patients by contacting Moleculera Labs directly at 405 239-5250.
International Cunningham Panel™ Orders

International Orders

For patients residing outside of the United States and Canada, the Cunningham Panel of Tests can be ordered through our partner lab, Wieslab, located in Sweden.