Insurance Cunningham Panel

Moleculera Labs is not contracted with any laboratories to provide blood draw services. Below are some suggestions/resources to help you locate a laboratory for the blood draw.

Please read the information below before attempting to obtain a specimen for The Cunningham Panel™. Some labs require an appointment and/or may be unable to do the blood draw for this panel.

To avoid disappointment and frustration, the most important point is to CALL FIRST!

  1. Does the patient have other blood tests to be drawn in addition to The Cunningham Panel™? If yes, please call your ‘usual’ laboratory. If there are other tests that will be performed by that lab, they may be able to draw the Cunningham Panel™ for you.
  2. If your usual lab is unable to perform the specimen collection, we suggest that you contact:
  • Your family doctor’s office or clinic
  • A small local clinical laboratory (Perform an internet search for “clinical laboratories” in your city or county)
  • A company that specializes in providing blood draw services, such as Any Lab Test Now® ( or ARCPoint Labs (
  • A mobile phlebotomy service in your area
  • A home healthcare company in your area

When you call, use the following wording to ask your question:“Will you perform a kit draw for a specialty test that will not be performed by your laboratory?”

Helpful information regarding the blood draw:

  • It is a standard blood draw.
  • No fasting required.
  • The specimen collection kit contains all the necessary materials, including a pre-paid overnight return label.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: It is critical that your specimen arrives at Moleculera on a US Business Day or your specimen could be rejected. Draw and ship specimens Monday – Thursday for weekday delivery only as transport kit will ship via FedEx Priority Overnight to arrive in our laboratory on the next business day. DO NOT SHIP ON FRI – SAT OR FOR HOLIDAY ARRIVAL.