At Moleculera Labs, we are working on new research for PANS and PANDAS which could help treatment decisions for physicians when managing their patient’s therapy.

Additional Testing Markers for PANS and PANDAS

Cunningham Panel testing for PANS and PANDASThe Cunningham Panel™ of tests detects the presence and functionality of anti-neuronal autoantibodies associated with OCD, motor tics, and other neuropsychiatric manifestations. This panel is based upon the detection of autoimmune titers against four (4) neuronal antigens (Dopamine D1 Receptor, Dopamine D2L Receptor, Lysoganglioside GM1 and Tubulin) and the ability of autoantibodies to stimulate CaMKII in human neuronal cells in culture.

Because symptoms can vary from patient to patient, we are researching additional neuronal targets (other than the current five in our panel) in patient’s sera who have given us Informed Consent to perform additional research testing. We believe that the identification of additional biological targets may help explain the heterogeneity of symptoms in patients, and may identify patients that may otherwise not react to our current testing panel. Additional autoimmune targets may better identify and characterize PANS and PANDAS patients, which could help refine treatment decisions for physicians when managing their patient’s therapy. As we find value and strong clinical evidence of neuropsychiatric associations with any of these targets, we will complete the clinical validation and regulatory requirements necessary to make these available for physicians in the future.