Moleculera Labs provides compassionate and specialized testing services for individuals suspected of suffering from treatable autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders such as PANS or PANDAS. We are dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults impacted by infection-induced autoimmune diseases affecting the brain.

The Cunningham Panel™ assists physicians in the diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders, including PANS and PANDAS.

Moleculera Labs is the sole provider of a testing panel which assists physicians in their diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders, including PANS and PANDAS. The Cunningham Panel™ is the first and only test of its kind. The Panel is the result of more than a decade of research and development.

The company’s mission is to provide hope to the families of children who are suffering from these treatable autoimmune neurologic conditions, explains Dr. Craig Shimasaki, President and CEO of Moleculera Labs.

Moleculera Labs – fully-certified and fully-accredited clinical laboratory

Moleculera Labs is a fully-certified and fully-accredited clinical laboratory registered with CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and COLA (Commission on Laboratory Accreditation). These are U.S. state and federal accrediting agencies that oversee and monitor testing quality within the clinical laboratory industry.

Moleculera Labs - Helping children shine againWe are currently authorized to receive specimens and perform testing in 49 U.S. states. A few states require additional state licensure (in addition to national accreditation) for us to be able to receive orders from prescribers in their state. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to receive test orders from prescribers in New York until we receive their approval. We are working diligently with the state of New York to meet their additional requirements and we will post more information as it becomes available. We apologize for this delay and thank you for your patience as we work to secure approval. Learn more about ordering the Cunningham Panel™.

Canadian prescribers can order the Cunningham Panel™ for their patients by contacting Moleculera Labs directly at 1-405-239-5250 or through our Contact Us page.

For prescribers outside the US and Canada, we have two partner laboratories that refer specimens to us: Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM)/Armin Labs in the UK and Statens Serum Institut in Denmark.