Moleculera Labs Prescriber PortalThe Cunningham Panel™ of tests requires a physician order before we can receive and process any specimen.  We have a secure Prescriber Portal for prescribers to place an order and to retrieve and review the test results of your patients.  The ordering and testing procedure is as follows:

Physician logs onto the Prescriber Portal and places an order for the Cunningham Panel™ of Tests and submits the patient e-mail contact information and physical address at the time of order.

The cost of the Cunningham Panel™ of 5 tests is $925. Moleculera Labs will send an internet link via e-mail to your patient with a request for them to submit a deposit of $425 for the five tests.  The patient must provide their insurance information to us in order for us to bill insurance on their behalf. For those patients who do not have insurance or wish to file it themselves, they will need to pay $925 instead of the deposit.


2Moleculera Labs will send by FedEx 2-Day Air, a Specimen Collection Kit to the patient address provided, which may require about 2-3 business days to arrive depending on the patient’s location. If you, the physician, would like to stock additional Specimen Collection Kits for your patients to speed up the process, please call us at (405) 239-5250 or order them through the portal.

3The patient will need to have blood drawn at your site or an alternate phlebotomy location.  Blood should be drawn into the two “red top” tubes provided, and the serum separated and transferred to the serum transfer tube provided.  In cases where the blood cannot be centrifuged, you can ship the two red top tubes containing blood and we will process them after they arrive.  For patients who will be getting their blood drawn outside of your office, please provide information to your patient as to the location of a phlebotomy laboratory where they may complete the blood draw.

4The serum sample, along with completed patient forms (provided in the specimen collection kit) must be sent to Moleculera Labs overnight by FedEx (shipping label provided, and shipping costs covered by Moleculera).

5 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: PLEASE ONLY SHIP SPECIMENS ON MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY. Frozen cold packs in the shipping containers are only effective for 24 hours. Do NOT ship specimens if they will arrive on Saturday, Sunday, or any Holiday. Our carrier will hold the specimen, and if a specimen arrives warm, it will be rejected because we cannot be certain of the reliability of the testing results.

The Cunningham Panel™ consists of 5 high complexity tests. Patient results are uploaded to our secure Prescriber Portal and you will be notified by e-mail when results are available. Due to the complexity and number of tests, we ask that you currently allow approximately 3-4 weeks turn-around-time for sample processing.  We will be working to significantly decrease the time of processing to enable you to more rapidly diagnose and treat your patients.  Click on the Prescriber Portal link below to log-in and order the Cunningham Panel™.

If you have any difficulties or problems please call (405) 239-5250 for support.  Alternatively, you can e-mail us using the link below. button(2)