Shipping Instructions

This video provides instructions and tips on how to properly collect and ship a patient’s specimen to ensure that they receive accurate test results as quickly as possible.


Hi, and welcome to Moleculera Labs.

You’ve just received the specimen collection supplies for the Cunningham Panel, either from the clinician who ordered the panel, or in a FedEx shipment.

Before you get started – call your local FedEx to determine the last overnight shipping cutoff time. Once you have done that, you can schedule your specimen collection appointment.

It’s crucial that you ship the specimen immediately after it’s collected.

Now let’s go over what’s included in the package, and how to collect the sample and get it on its way back to our lab.

Go ahead and open the package.

Inside, you’ll find the specimen collection supplies in a foam box, a quick start guide, and patient paperwork, freezer packs, a tape strip, biohazard bag containing Parafilm, two red-top glass tubes, one white-cap transfer tube, an absorbent pad, and a prepaid FedEx Clinical Pak with a rubber band.

First, please take a few minutes to review the Quick Start Guide. This contains important information for successfully submitting the specimen to Moleculera Labs.

After reviewing the Quick Start Guide, immediately place the freezer packs in your freezer and leave them there for at least 24 hours – until they are completely frozen solid. Don’t worry – it’s okay if they are in the freezer longer than 24 hours.

Please don’t remove the freezer packs from the freezer until you’re ready to get the blood collected, and be sure and put them in the foam box to stay cold while you go to the appointment.

Again, this is crucial so that the specimen can be maintained at the correct temperature during shipping.

If the specimen arrives warm at Moleculera Labs, it must be rejected and the patient will have to have their blood collected again.

Once you’ve placed the freezer packs in the freezer, take some time to fill out the paperwork enclosed with the collection supplies.

Next, arrange to have the patient’s blood collected.

Specimens should only be collected and shipped Monday through Thursday, and never when the next day is a U.S. holiday.

By the way – it’s not necessary for the patient to fast prior to specimen collection.

Be sure to take all of the specimen collection supplies, including the frozen freezer packs, with you to the blood collection appointment.

Detailed specimen collection and storage instructions for the lab are found on the specimen collection instructions form in the included paperwork.

Once the specimen has been collected, shipping may be done by the lab, or you can ship it yourself.

Place the specimen in the biohazard bag and seal it.

Then, sandwich the bagged specimen between the frozen freezer packs, secure them together with the rubber band, and place the “specimen sandwich” in the bottom of the foam box.

Seal the patient paperwork in the plastic bag and place the paperwork on top of the freezer packs.

Finally, secure the foam box with the tape strip and insert the box into the FedEx Clinical Pak.

Again, make sure to call your local FedEx to determine the last overnight shipping cutoff time before you drop the FedEx Pak off for overnight shipping.

Please remember that specimens should only be collected and shipped Monday through Thursday, and never when the next day is a U.S. holiday.

And that’s it. If you have additional questions, please contact our customer service at 405-239-5250.

The Cunningham Panel™ Quick Start Guide

Download the Cunningham Panel™ Quick Start Guide and follow the few simple steps outlined in it to complete the Cunningham Panel™ test.

Cunningham Panel Shipping Quick Start Guide

Test Turnaround Time

Due to the complexity of this testing panel and many external variables, the turnaround time for releasing patient results can vary. Please click here for our current turnaround time.