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Moleculera Labs,Inc. is a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified clinical laboratory offering specialized testing services for childhood autoimmune neurologic conditions. The Oklahoma City-based laboratory has received COLA (Commission on Laboratory Accreditation) accreditation, along with the Laboratory Excellence Award for their commitment to quality patient testing and laboratory practices. The company is licensed to accept physicians’ orders for patient testing from 49 states, with a license application pending in New York.

Moleculera Labs is currently the only laboratory in the United States performing clinical testing with the Cunningham Panel™. This specialized testing panel aids clinicians in identifying PANS and PANDAS, autoimmune neurologic conditions, which are often associated with autoimmune encephalitis. PANS and PANDAS include sudden onset of obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), motor and/or vocal tics, anorexia and other neuropsychiatric presentations. PANS and PANDAS may also be associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The Cunningham Panel™ is the culmination of over a decade of research by Dr. Madeleine Cunningham and her team at the University of Oklahoma’s Health Sciences Center laboratory. The testing technology is exclusively licensed from the University of Oklahoma. The Cunningham Panel™ was made commercially available in April 2013.

CLIA ID Number: 37D2052130; 37D2082408

COLA ID Number: 24220; 25744